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All print has one thing in common. It uses ink to communicate a message, idea, story or image. 

Printing remains highly competitive and every aspect of the manufacturing process must be in balance to achieve the quality required without cost or waste overruns. Colour and the best use of printing inks lies at the heart of your success.

The Printing Ink Consultants (PIC) mission is to assist your company in getting the very best from your chosen suppliers of ink and other consumables. 

The PIC team has the knowledge and experience gained in over three decades of working with printers to provide this assistance.

If you would like to know how PIC can help your operation, please contact us to book your free consultation.

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At PIC we know that you may already have trusted advisors.These may be members of your own team or work for a consumables vendor, like ink, fountain solution or coating. When a problem arises or you have a new opportunity you need a rapid and informed response. Sometimes the issue is obvious and easily solved. However, this is not always the case. In these situations you need the following to be done with minimum delay:

  • A critical assessment of all the factors that could be contributing to the problem - whether substrate, ink, coating or other consumable.
  • A decision on the most likely root cause.
  • Correcting the problem and making sure it doesn't happen again.

In almost all cases the quality and the timeliness of solving the problem depends on what questions are asked to identify the root cause.
Simply put, the wrong questions can lead to no solution to the problem and more wasted time and money.

About Us

About Us


Steve Simpson has held top technical positions in many of North America's most  well known ink manufacturers.

Steve brings a unique perspective to the best use of inks that is firmly rooted in the demands of both the printer and the print specifier. 

The Best Advice When You Need it Most


Whether you have and immediate problem or are looking toward continuous improvement, PIC can help  get you on track to meet your business or operational needs.

A Flexible Approach


PIC can tailor our services to your specific requirements to deliver the best value to your business.

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