For Consumables Distributors


What PIC Can D0

There are likely several consumables or services that form part of a bundled proposition that is offered to your clients. 

PIC has a detailed and broad knowledge of all consumables and their interactions that allows us to identify opportunities and solve problems more quickly and effectively. 

Please review our section "For Printers" which gives a comprehensive overview of how PIC can help their business and operations. That same expertise can be offered when needed, to your clients .


PIC will assist the sales team in identifying, quantifying and qualifying suitable prospects that fit the non-paper consumables business. PIC will help you avoid high technical risk. PIC will provide an informed gap analysis of your product portfolio.           

Target Account Approach

PIC will collaborate in gap or needs analysis with the customer, to demonstrate knowledge and commitment. This would clearly be in close collaboration with your sales team. The immense knowledge and experience of PIC will allow you to move more smoothly and confidently to account acquisition.

Account Acquisition

PIC will provide assistance with roll out and setting a clear plan of action. PIC will help you establish the trust dynamic with the customer.


PIC will collaborate with your team on proactive follow up with the customer and assist planned audits or progress updates, as required. Going forward PIC can provide timely and informed assistance to the customer as described in the "Printers" and "Training and Coaching" sections.

Training and Coaching

Please see our Section on the Training and Coaching offered by PIC 

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