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What PIC Can Do

The PIC team has decades of experience in solving application problems and providing timely solutions.

We understand the complex interactions between the manufacturing process and all the consumables. 

PIC has a broad and deep understanding of the printing and finishing process. With this knowledge we can identify opportunities to improve your process and reduce cost. When problems arise we can assist you and your vendors in identifying root causes. PIC will also recommend immediate remedies and permanent solutions to prevent recurrence. 

If you are considering a new process (for example UV or LED) and you need a clear and unbiased opinion on its value to your operation then contact PIC. 

Many printers see the potential benefit of in house ink blending. An assessment of your needs by PIC can identify the value of this - whether it be self managed or in collaboration with your ink manufacturer. PIC will also assist you in integrating in house ink management to your daily operations.

Our recommended starting point is a"fitness for purpose audit". This  identifies strengths and areas for improvement in:-

  • Estimating and Inventory management - this would include a review of any in house ink blending activities that may be present.
  • Colour communication and colour matching efficiency. 
  • Compatibility of inks and coatings for intended end use. 
  • Quality standards and procedures.
  • Overview of existing press-room conditions and opportunities for improvement if any.
  • Our report  will include detailed recommendations and a clear timelines to effect any improvements in cooperation with your team and your vendors. 

Training and Coaching

Please see our Section on the Training and Coaching offered by PIC

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